Measurement Electronics

The Excel Precision signal processors offer good flexibility for the measurement. The 1060A counter is a simple device that produces differential A-Quad-B signal output at 0.16 microns of resolution with single-pass interferometer and 0.08 microns with double-pass interferometer. The 1065 series signal processors provide higher resolution and other data format in addition to the A-Quad-B output signals.

Developed with Excel Precision’s advanced signal processing technology, the 1065 Signal Processor series is a powerful position measuring system. Contained in a rugged enclosure with top area about the size of an iPad© and ~two inches of height, it possesses all the measurement functions that other manufacturers have to build with a sizable card cage, which requires well trained firmware engineer to set up.

The 1065 signal processor communicates with a laptop or desktop PC via USB interface. An on-screen, self-guiding menu helps the first-time user to quickly set up the parameters for his (her) measurement . The user can focus on the real objective, i.e., position measurement, instead of being discouraged by the complexity of measurement and data acquisition encoding. (For well trained professionals, a source code library is provided to customize his (her) measurement needs.)

In short, the 1065 signal processor has the following characteristics:

  1. Stand alone: it’s self-contained and can work alone after configuration. No need to be plugged into a PC slot or in a bulky card cage.
  2. Portable and flexible: it’s compact and can be connected to either a desktop or laptop computer via a USB cable.
  3. Plug-and Play: all functions can be configured via self-guiding graphic user interface (GUI). It’s an ideal device for manufacturing attendants and laboratory calibration or certification tasks.
  4. All-in-one functional performance: all needed functions, such as position measurement, wavelength compensation, data recording, and real-time data output are performed simultaneously.
  5. Configuration retaining: once the configuration is made, the settings will remain in the device even after power OFF. This enables the system to be recovered promptly without functional loss.
  6. Low noise: The 1065 signal processors achieve high fidelity of measurement. This ensures high accuracy of the acquired data and the user can concentrate on optimizing other mechanism of the motion control loop and not to worry about the error contribution from laser interferometer system.
  7. Rugged design to work in harsh environment, such as machine shop that contains grease and vibrations. It can also operate normally when other instruments are stacking on the device.
  8. Low power consumption: very low heat generated which reduces environment impact such as thermal expansion and refractive index variations to the measurement accuracy.
  9. High resolution: the standard resolution is 2.5 nm (and optional resolution of 0.15 nm) for double-pass (e.g. plane mirror) interferometer.
  10. 3 axes simultaneous measurement (and can be expanded to any number of measurement axes).
  11. Real-time position data output: to ensure accurate position control.
  12. Compatible to all heterodyne laser interferometer systems: up to 2.0 m/sec with single pass (linear) interferometer (and 1.0 m/sec with double-pass (plane mirror) interferometer).
  13. Compatible to Windows XP, 7, 8, 10, and 11.
  14. Library codes are provided for user to customized his unique application.


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The Excel 1060B Pulse Converter is designed for simple interface between the Laser Interferometer and controllers that require A-Quad-B input or up/down pulses. The 1060B receives an input measurement signal from the receiver and the reference signal from the laser head. These signals are then converted to an output displacement signal. The output signal can be in either A-Quad-B or up/down pulse format. On-board jumpers provide this selection. The required power can be provided by an external +5V power supply. Optionally, +5V power can be provided using the +15V from the laser head via an on-board +5V regulator (option 001). 1060B is a standalone unit. One 1060B can support two axes of measurement.
Power Required 250mA @ +5V DC (per axis)
Inputs Measurement signal from receiver
Reference signal from Laser Head
Resolution λ/4 (160 nm) with linear interferometer
λ/8 (80 nm) with plane mirror interferometer
Output Options (jumper selectable) A-Quad-B, or Up/Down pulse