Thank you for your interest in Excel Precision. Excel Precision is an experienced partner for precision metrology. Our trademark is reliable and well-engineered products as well as intelligent, customer-oriented solutions.

Our achievement comes from a highly-motivated team of technical and operational personnel with a wide range of knowledge and diverse competencies.

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Featured Products

1100B 6DOF Laser Calibration System

The 1100B unit employs a patented technology to measure linear movement, pitch, yaw, roll, horizontal straightness and vertical straightness simultaneously.

1550A Angular Sensor

Measures a tiny variation of a surface or the Z-motion of an object regardless of its reflectivity or color.

1700B Level Sensor

Measures the leveling, inclination, and flatness from the horizontal plane of an object with sensitivity of 0.1 arc-seconds.

1512B X-Y Sensor

Can be used for any X-Y position measurement task, including rotation, vibration, and runout measurements.

In addition to the above products, we manufacture a full line of laser interferometer systems for measurement and calibration.

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