About Us

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide innovative, reliable and user-friendly metrology tools to facilitate various industries to meet the demand of current and future generations.

Our Work

We specializes in manufacturing laser interferometer systems for research and industries that require ultra-precision displacement measurement and motion control.  To assist our customers meet the complex challenges from various industries such as: optical lithography in semiconductor and flat panel display (FPD) manufacturing, e-beam and laser direct write, coordinate measuring machine, diamond turning machine, wafer and FPD inspection, MEMS, metrology, we have provided systems with high throughput, extremely high accuracy, and exceptional repeatability, which results in better yields, lower failure rates, and considerable cost savings.

Since its introduction in 1990s, our laser interferometer system has been in use by many renowned global companies in the industries mentioned above.  Our system has also been used as length standard in calibration laboratories.  Our products have been operating under stringent environment for 24/7 and received notable remarks from users. 

Due to the subtlety of laser interferometry, achieving good accuracy requires a combination of good understanding in laser, optics, mechanical, material, and signal processing.   This may discourage prospective users from the use of this important metrology tool.  We have devoted significant effort to develop a system for anyone to easily grasp the key steps and set up measurements very quickly. We provide personal support for our users, including participation in initial brainstorming about the setting the target parameters, the design configuration, the implementation, data collection and analysis, and follow-up activities.  All of our activities are aimed towards providing easy laser interferometry systems so that it is not a task exclusively for highly trained engineers.   

By doing so, our customers have been able to accomplish satisfactory results which seem challenging at the beginning and receive the best performance to price ratio that our product offers.

To meet stringent working environments, we make the optical housings with 416 stainless steel.  This housing is not only rugged and durable for machine shop operations, but also has lower thermal expansion coefficient and less thermal drift during measurement, especially when the operating machine is not temperature controlled.

Our Strategy

Excel precision’s strategy is to effectively integrate the most reliable and manufacturability technologies from the fields of laser, optics, signal processing, and metrology know-how to provide value to our customers. Our uniqueness comes from our insight into which combinations of technologies will allow us to provide high performance at reasonable cost. Our products are the culmination of that insight.

Dr. John Tsai

The founder and president of Excel Precision Co.. Dr. Tsai got his Ph.D. Degree from Stanford University, supervised by Professor Arthur Schawlow.

Professor Arthur Schawlow

The co-inventor of the Laser and a Nobel Laureate (1981, Physics). Professor Schawlow is a director of Excel and a member of the faculty of the Physics Department at Stanford University.