About Us

Excel Precision Corporation is the leading manufacturer of laser interferometers.

We custom design lasers with high resolution, great accuracy and increased precision to ensure excellence in measurement for Wafer Steppers, and ultra-precision machining and measuring.

The demands for higher precision, faster throughput and increased reliability for laser measurement applications require better lasers. The laser must be uniquely designed for these exacting requirements. Excel Precision, located in Silicon Valley California, has a very strong R&D team. Our experts understand all the parameters that go into custom designing of laser interferometers to ensure excellence in measurement.

Quality Policy

  • Innovative product designs that meet the demands of ever changing technology.
  • Continuous improvement of production methods.
  • Optimum utilization of personnel, equipment and materials.
  • Process planning and verification that ensures conformance to design specifications.
  • Production planning and scheduling that provides on-time delivery.


Action will be taken to implement all constructive ideas from Excel’s customers, employees and suppliers, that will result in cost effective quality improvement.

— From Dr. John Tsai, President

Dr. John Tsai

The founder and president of Excel Precision Co.. Dr. Tsai got his Ph.D. Degree from Stanford University, supervised by Professor Arthur Schawlow.

Professor Arthur Schawlow

The co-inventor of the Laser and a Nobel Laureate (1981, Physics). Professor Schawlow is a director of Excel and a member of the faculty of the Physics Department at Stanford University.