Excel Precision manufactures the following types of Interferometer Optics: Linear Interferometer, Plane Mirror Interferometer, Differential Interferometer, High Stability Plane Mirror Interferometer, Single Beam Interferometer, Angular Interferometer, and Straightness Interferometer for a variety of measurement applications.

The 1011A Linear Interferometer and the 1013A Retroreflector constitute the simplest configuration for straight path displacement measurements. Either the interferometer or retroreflector moves during the measurement. Actually, both the interferometer and the retroreflector can move independently and the relative displacement can be measured.

Excel Precision offers Fiber Optic version of Linear Interferometer, which connects to 1031F Fiber Optic Receiver with an optical fiber cable.

The 1018A Single Beam Interferometer and 1019A Retroreflector are designed for measurements where space is a constraint. The measurement scheme is the same as its larger counterpart: 1011A and 1013A. Excel Precision also offers a Fiber Optic version of Single Beam Interferometer, which connects to 1031F Fiber Optic Receiver with an optical fiber cable.

The sketch below shows how linear interferometer and retroreflector measures displacement:


The 1012A Plane Mirror interferometer, 1012D High Stability Plane Mirror Interferometer, and 1012F Fiber Optic Plane Mirror Interferometer are available for meeting the highest precision requirements. All Plane Mirror Interferometers have the same mounting hole locations and screw sizes for ease of interchangeability and to meet changing customer requirements.

Measurement of plane mirror interferometers is achieved by interacting with the target mirrors twice; the resolution therefore is improved by two times from the linear or single beam interferometers. This is because the measuring laser frequency is Doppler shifted twice.

To facilitate the flexibility of installation, an optical fiber adapter can be used to attached to the input and output end of the interferometer. There is no limit to the length of the optical fiber. Therefore, the receiver can be placed in a remote mounting location, which minimizes the chance of physically interfering with the laser beams.

Excel Precision also offers vacuum compatible interferometer, beam bender, and beam splitter.

The photos below show various optics and how a plane mirror interferometer is attached with an optical fiber.


Below is a conceptual sketch for measuring an XY-stage movement with three plane mirror interferometers. X1 and X2 measure the linear and yaw displacements in X direction. The Y measures the linear displacement in Y direction.



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