Excel Precision’s 1100B Laser Calibration System offers a precise, cost-effective solution to your calibration needs. The system simultaneously measures linear displacement, horizontal straightness, vertical straightness, yaw, and roll dynamically, and performs real-time calibration of the moving stage.

The traditional machine or stage calibration is conducted at stationary or at slow motion (ISO230-2). This approach often, however, does not reflect the actual stage moving condition. It also can not measure roll, because the roll motion is perpendicular to the laser beam propagation direction. The Excel Precision 1100B 6DOF metrology system can perform error mapping and compensate for these errors dynamically during stage movement, which allows the motion control module to compensate these errors and achieve optimal accuracy. This error mapping also enables the optical exposure module or electron beam to adjust parameters (e.g. synchronizing, focusing, etc.) properly during exposure process.

  • 5 DOF simultaneous measurement
  • Pitch measurement 2nd pass
  • 2-piece construction
  • Computer output
  • Wavelength Compensation available
  • Easy to use
  • Less set-up time required
  • Convenient to use in your PC
  • Precision in any environment
  • Increased efficiency → lower cost

The 1100B Calibration System is designed to conveniently measure the six degrees of freedom. This device uses interferometers and sensors to simultaneously measure linear displacement, horizontal straightness, vertical straightness, yaw, and roll. Pitch data are accumulated from the second pass. Flatness and velocity measurement are also available.

The 1100B Calibration System provides fast, accurate data to minimize calibration costs for machine tools, CMM or other precision measurement applications. The system’s two-piece construction promotes ease of use and dramatically decreases set-up time, resulting in higher calibration throughput and minimized cost.

The 1100B is an integrated optical module that can be retrofitted with a traditional laser interferometer laser head. This provides maximum flexibility to shop owners for budgeting of purchase and the applications. The 1100B unit employs a patented technology to measure linear movement, pitch, yaw, roll, horizontal straightness and vertical straightness simultaneously. The unique, two component system greatly facilitates alignment and the measurement taking procedure. The 1100B Metrology System can additionally measure squareness, flatness, and parallelism just like a traditional laser interferometer.


The Excel Precision 1100B Metrology System is designed to provide machine tool users, CMM users, and CNC machine center manufacturers an easy-to-use, accurate calibration system with the following features and benefits:

  1. Easy to use. A self-guiding, on-screen menu assists user to configure the measurement parameters. It does not require a trained engineer to set up and perform the calibration; a beginner can easily learn to perform the job within a short amount of time.
  2. 5 DOF simultaneous measurements. Linear movement, pitch, yaw, roll, horizontal straightness, and vertical straightness are measured simultaneously with a single set up, saving 80% of set-up time compared to a traditional laser interferometer.
  3. Improved accuracy. Simultaneous measurement of these parameters improves the calibration accuracy.
  4. 2-Piece construction. Single integrated optical configuration eliminates the need of purchasing variety of optics. This increased efficiency leads to a lower cost for the user.
  5. Convenience. Owning an 1100B system allows freedom to calibrate using your own personnel on your own schedule.
  6. Data logging in real-time. Real-time data logging with archive capability for quality audit and customer services.
  7. Computer output. Compatible with MS Windows 95, 98, 2000, XP. Software analysis supports NMTBA, VDI, ISO and ASME B5.54 standards. A report can be immediately generated after the calibration procedure for customer acceptance.
  8. Zeeman laser technology. The Zeeman laser in conjunction with the proprietary heterodyne signal processing technique makes Excel Precision’s metrology system the most accurate machine tool calibration system.
  9. Wavelength compensation available. Excel’s wavelength compensation devices such as Weather Station, Material Sensor, and Refractometer allow precise calibration in any environment.
  10. NIST standard. The 1100B is traceable to NIST and international standards.

Machine shops need to calibrate their CNC machines routinely to make sure that they produce parts accurately and meet customer requirements. This increases the risk of producing parts that are out of tolerance. With the 1100B, costs for rework and scrap are reduced and profitability is increased.

There are six parameters that affect the accuracy of a CNC machine: linear movement of the machine bed, wobbling (pitch, yaw, and roll) and rattling (horizontal and vertical) during movement. 

Calibration of CNC machines is usually conducted with laser interferometers. Traditional laser interferometer can measure these six parameters and achieve accurate calibrations; but these six parameters can only be measured one at a time. This means the complete calibration of a CNC machine can take up a whole day. Profitability of the CNC machine is decreased because the machine cannot produce parts and generate profit for the shop. Also, since the traditional laser interferometer can measure one parameter at a time, the measuring optics need to be mounted and unmounted when each measured parameter changes. This reduces the calibration accuracy because the subsequent measuring optics cannot be placed at the exact same position of the previous optics. Optics for the traditional laser interferometer is also expensive, since it is difficult to manufacture.

The Excel Precision 1100B Laser 6-DOF Calibration System uses a newly invented technique to measure the six parameters 6DOF simultaneously…with only one set-up! Measurement is simultaneous so accuracy is improved because measurement optics are never taken out or reinstalled during the measurement. You know exactly precisely how much wobbling or rattling of the machine bed has at a specific position. The 1100B 6-DOF Calibration System uses a new technique that does not require traditional expensive measuring optics.

The 1100B 6-DOF Calibration System comes with user-friendly software.  Measurement results and reports can be produced with a few strokes on the computer keyboard. These ISA/ANSI compatible reports assist you in presenting to your key customers who require calibration certifications and win their confidence for future business.  To make it even easier during the calibration, a remote control keypad is available.

The software of 1100B 6-DOF Calibration System builds a database for maintaining records of each of your CNC’s in the shop. You can review previous calibration records and assign each machine to perform machining work on a job that fits the best of its machining capability and your production schedule.

Real-time error mapping of 6 degrees of freedom while the stage is moving.

Measurement GUI Display

1100B 6DOF Calibration System write-up 120122-4

Mounting of laser head is flexible:  it can be mounted either on a tripod or on a permanent fixture when calibrating a moving stage.

Data and individual charts for 6 DOF

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