1550A Angular Sensor

Measures a tiny variation of a surface or the Z-motion of an object regardless of its reflectivity or color.

The 1550A Laser Displacement Sensor is another innovation of Excel Precision. It is designed for measurement that requires high resolution and frequency response. This device can measure a tiny variation of a surface or the Z-motion of an object regardless of its reflectivity or color. Applications such as spindle run-out, concentricity of the part in the chuck, surface roughness, wobbling of a mounted hardware, vibration of the machine, etc. can be accomplished in less than one minute.

The 1550A Laser Displacement Sensor consists of one each of the sensor head, the signal processing unit, and a power supply. The signal processing unit displays the measured results either in unit of microns or in micro-inches. The signal processing unit comes with an RS485 data port. This data port allows the user to acquire measured result for parts inspection, quality control, machine wear-out history, etc.

This device is easy to use and does not require sophisticated installation or alignment procedure. The compact size allows it to be mounted almost anywhere near the measured object. The optional magnetic mounting pad makes it really easy to attach the 1550A Laser Displacement Sensor on machine bed.

  • High Frequency Response
  • High Resolution: 0.06 µm
  • Easy Installation
  • Non-contact
  • Compact Size for Mounting Flexibility
  • Visible Beam Spot for Easy Alignment
  • Color independent of material
  • Can be used on low-reflective or porous surface
  • Spindle Run-Out Measurement
  • Defect Detection on a Surface
  • Surface Deform Measurement
  • Concentricity between two axes
  • Vibration Measurement
  • Displacement Measurement
  • Alignment
  • Thin Sheet Thickness Measurement
  • Parts Inspection
  • Object Contour Measurement


  • High sensitivity over a broad measuring range.
  • Zero adjustment by software or reset button.
  • Large, easy to read digital display.
  • Power technology allows the sensors to be Daisy chained, up to 16 units, to achieve simultaneous data acquisition.
  • RS-485 & RS-232C Serial output.


  • Minimizes measurement time, which reduces labor cost.
  • Accurate measurement readings improve production yield, which in turn increases profitability of operation.
  • Low cost of ownership.
  • Data acquisition capability allows shop owners to keep record of machine wear out history.
  • Simultaneously operating the multiple units reduces measurement time and improves parts inspection efficiency and accuracy.
INPUT POWER0.5 Amp @ 120V ACDATA FORMATAsynchronous
DIMENSIONDisplay – 8″ x 8″ x 2″MEASUREMENT RANGE± 0.5mm
 Sensor Head –2.76”(H) x 2.68″ (W) x 1″ (D)RESOLUTION0.06 microns
MOUNTINGMagnetic Pad or Mounting Holes (for 8-32 screws)Operating Distance30 mm
Sampling Frequency15 KHzFREQUENCY RESPONSE5 KHz
Laser WAVELENGTH670 nmLaser beam spot120mm (L) x 100mm(W)
Laser output power< 5 mWACCURACY±0.05% full scale